Thousands of our countrymen have been left jobless or have had to shut down their businesses. Thousands of families have lost their earning member, and many staring at huge debts because of medical costs. At the same time, thousands of people have come forward to provide these people a job, some engagement that can give them an opportunity to earn and stand on their feet again!

JanSahay is an initiative to bring together people seeking help to earn again, and those willing to give them an opportunity in some helpful they can! This is not an initiative to help people switch jobs, but strictly and specifically for those why need to find one!

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If you have lost your job, have taken a salary cut of more than 30% or had to shut down your business, register here

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If you would like to help someone make a living – offering a job, project or business opportunity, click here

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JanSahay is a private initiative to help people find their feet with some form on earnings. We do not charge any fees, there are no financial obligations or expectations, there are no guarantees or commitments.